Saturday, 8 June 2013


I've been pretty much away from my laptop recently
as I've been working my butt off nearly everyday twice a day this week.
By work I mean my job. I'm moving to London for the summer on wednesday
so I'm trying to save up some cash cash money before I go.
SO, to keep you entertained I have gathered all my instagram pics from May and
a bit of June. (sorry its so long)  I have two more shifts left (today and tomorrow) and then i'm done. eeep.
SO. I will be back Monday.
Talk then,

pattern cutting//rainrain//summerscoop//
making my skirt// sketchbook work//sewing//
details// finished// exhibition layout//
kildare village// graduate fashion show/ 

frubes for brekkie// preparing a blog post// new online shop//
Romwe make up brushes// DIY crop top//black on black deets//
New Disney post// New purchses// Shutterbug playsuit//
ootn deets// mini photoshoot for the blog// deets//
new primark shorts// day for legs//


  1. Nice blog :)

    Giveaway (cadeau) on my blog: CAVALLI Bag!

  2. Hi there, new follower from NYC! :) I found you on Twitter. Your blog is awesome and these Instagram pics are beautiful! You are quite the photographer!


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