Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Counting Kilograms

So, I'm off across the pond to London for the summer tomorrow
and I've spent that past two days packing and organising my life into
a 20kg baggage allowance. This has been an incredible struggle.
I want to bring everything in case I buy nothing and I want to bring nothing
in case I buy everything. Tomorrow morning will be eventful.

If you haven't noticed I now have my own Domain (that the boy so generously set up)
So there is more more dot blogspot and I am officially kind of important. (so I think)

I'm off out again for the evening before I leave so for the next few days 
you will have to bear with me until I get everything sorted.
So until then enjoy the post and
I will speak to you from my new location.
Talk Soon,


Jacket: Blitz Blitz Vintage London
Pants,Top Necklace : Primark

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