Saturday, 25 August 2012

Alteration: Cotton Face Vintage Dress

Sorry I have been away quite a bit lately I'm finishing up work 
this week (doing a 60 hour week) Cant wait for that paycheck.
So from next week on I should have more time to do so much more posts.
I am also going on a shopping trip next week. eeep!

A few Weeks ago I bought a dress from Cotton Face Vintage.
When I got it I knew I would have to to a few alterations to make it fit
as it was down to my ankles nearly and the sleeves just didn't suit me.

SO, I decided to cut off the sleeves and shorten it.
I did this a few weeks ago but the photos got lost and I am just after finding them.
It did turn out a little shorter than I had planned but I did wear a body con skirt underneath
just incase. 

Talk Soon

L xo 

Heels: Primark



  1. This is so cool dear,unique and stylish! I love your posts,check out my new!

  2. wow.. great way to make a dress fit for you.. adorbs.

    visit my blog:

  3. amazing dress!and love your heels

    Love your blog! Hope you'll love mine and follow me back! <3

  4. I always see beautiful things here, so I visit often.

  5. Wow that dress is spectacular, and you look wonderful in it!

  6. Absolutely love this dress! You definitely made it look better xx

  7. What a lovely vintage dress. I'm a vintage clothing sucker! Love this. :) You look beautiful.

    xx Diana

  8. Because of you, I found the prefect online shop of vintage clothes. Too bad I'm from Philippines. Too far from the shop. :))

    xx Diana

  9. love the dress , it looks super fit on you xoxo

  10. Those red shoes are amazing!x

  11. Amazing dress! Love your blog!...I'm a new follower ;)

  12. That is such a gorgeous dress!!


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