Friday, 31 August 2012

New In: Vintage,River Island, Topshop, Urban Outfitters..


I have literally spent my whole week shopping! literally.
I think I more than likely spent half of my summer wages. 
Can't bring myself to look at my bank balance.

BUT I did buy some nice new stuff that I definitely ''needed''.
I went to Dublin on Tuesday to see Chicago the musical (which was so so amazing)
and then spent 2 days shopping.

While I was there I went to this uh-mazing vintage shop called The Harlequin,
It actually has everything but you would need hours to look rummage around.
I also got a really decent pair of Topshop Allegra look-alikes from
a really good website called soyoushoes . They do have similar ones
out again in Topshop but these are a fraction of the price.

I'm moving back to college next week which i'm not overly excited about because I 
hate packing. SO MUCH TO DO.

But anyway, Here is what I got.
 Have a nice weekend,

L xo 

Black Jumper: H&M
Earrings: Forever 21
Dress: Topshop
Rings: Forever 21
Scarves: The Harlequin
Grey Dress: River Island
Denim Jacket: Urban Outfitters
Black ankle strap Heels: Zara
Beaded Top: The Harlequin
Ankle Boots: Soyoushoes



  1. those bow rings are adorable! going back to school can be really stressful but exciting at the same time. good luck!

  2. Really lovely Topshop dress - and love the Allegra style boots :)

  3. Good selection here! And lovely blog just enjoyed scrolling through x

  4. nice dresses and boots)
    Love your blog!Hope you'll love mine and follow me back)


  5. wow wow ! so niceeeee :)

  6. ahh so many lovely things! the heels are gorgeous x

  7. haha your post made me laugh, I think we all have this kind of debate, "to check or not to check my bank account" ? :)

  8. J'aime beaucoup les tenues! Les chaussures noires sont superbes!
    Angela Donava

  9. i love your rings, so cute!
    basically i love everything in this post. ;))


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