Saturday, 6 July 2013

The intern: Fashion Internship Interview

Following on from my last post about How to get an internship 
This post is going to be all about the interview.
If you've got one that means you've done something right so well done!
I've put together a few tips I found useful when going for mine.

1: Be prepared: Do your research! Get as much information as you can and put together
some notes about the company and what they do. Research the role you will be doing too.
(Refer back to the advert if there was one) Instead of knowing every area the company works in get to  know the areas you would like to work in the best. Whether it be the creative or business side you are interested in get prepared so you can show off what you know in your interview. It may be a good idea to read over your CV and bring a copy just to remind yourself of what is actually in there. Also, once you have the location of your interview go find it the day before. This will save you time the day of the interview and make you feel a little more comfortable that you know where you're going.

2.The morning of the interview: Even if you know where you are going, get up in plenty of time so you don't have to rush and you are relaxed getting ready. If you find yourself there a little to early go to a cafe nearby and get yourself something to drink/eat. It may be a good idea to bring a bottle of water with you just in case you need it while talking. If you have some time while getting to the location (taking a bus/train/tube) you should think about having a fashion magazine to read and some notes to look over. It wont hurt having some current trends on the brain.

3. What to wear: Wear what you feel comfortable in. This might be flats or heels but as long as you can sit,stand or even run you will be fine. The picture at the top of this post is what I wore. A plain white loose tee and blue cigarette trousers with pointed toe heels.  It really depends on where you are interviewing. If it is fashion related then you can normally get away with whatever you want as the people that work there are going to be very 'fashionable'. Less is more when you are dressing and sometimes a simple outfit with a piece of statement jewelry is perfect and don't forget to bring flats if you  do choose to wear heels.
(for the journey)

4: What will happen: Seeing as it is an interview you are going to be asked a lot of questions. 
Stay calm and listen to what they are asking. Don't be afraid to ask them to repeat a question.
Some places may be less formal than other and you could just be going in for a chat.  Don't forget to ask questions if you have any. If you are unsure about something they are saying or want some more info about what you will be doing ask! They will be more than happy to help and will appreciate that you are interested. Make sure they know that you want to learn. Most importantly be yourself and show your personality because at the end of the day they want someone who will be easy to get along with in their team. Make sure you thank them and smile when its all over. Then go treat yourself. You've done a good job.
(I went shopping eeeep)

5. After the interview: When it's all over and you've treated yourself don't dwell on the whole
experience. You may be incredibly excited to get an email but keep yourself busy.  SO, when you do get  that email offering you the job...well done!!  If not, don't worry. keep trying. everything happens a reason and if you don't get this one there's always the next one!

Hope this helps and over the next few weeks while I get used to being an intern
I will be posting up outfit pics and Little tips and trick along the way on how be a good intern.
(if i end up being one, it's early days)


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Intern: How to get a Fashion Internship.

SO, as some of you may know I have just moved over to London
for the summer and one of my main plans was to get an internship.
One would think it would be easy enough to get one. Email a few places,
go for an interview, get the job....Wrong.
Over the next few weeks I'm going to be writing about the whole intern process
to help any of you who are looking in to getting one. 
This is my first internship so i'm learning along the way and hope some 
of my experiences can help. 

SO, How does one get an internship?

1: Email Everywhere: Very seldom you will come across a fashion magazine/PR company that
would deal with phone calls from aspiring interns so your best bet is to go on to their website and find an email address. Next step is to email every company in the area of your interest asking if they offer internships and how can you apply. Don't just apply to huge well know companies as smaller companies can sometimes be better and you will learn TONS more as you will more than likely have more responsibility.
Another great way to find out about possible internships is online via twitter. LOADS of companies
advertise internships on their accounts. One of the best accounts to follow is Ukfashionintern 
Nevertheless, apply anywhere and everywhere you can.

2: Follow up: If you hear back from places asking you to contact them at a later time, DO!
Don't be afraid to follow up emails. If you are really interested in a place get back to them.
Emails are great but they can get lost so if they asked you to get back to them email them 
to let them know you are still interested. (twice if you have to)

3: CV and Cover Letter: These are vital! This will be the first thing a company will ask for when 
considering you for an internship. Make sure you're CV is up to date and alter your cover 
letter to suit the company. Do your research!

4: Don't Give up: Looking for internships can get incredibly frustrating but the best thing to do
is keep going. I applied to at least 100 places and heard back from about 10. I had my heart set
on one place halfway through all this and with a bit of patience I ended up getting an Interview.

In my next post I will give all the details and tips for The Interview.