Thursday, 28 August 2014

w7 In the buff palette | Naked 2 palette dupe review

Are you like me and have never purchased any of the naked palettes? 
I don't really know why I haven't to be honest. Urban decays eyeshadows are amazing 
and I don't really know any girl that hasn't gone and got one already.
At a steep enough cost of 44 euro my student budget never really allowed me to buy one
and I was happy enough with my little collection of mac eyeshadows.

THEN however I came across this little gem in Cara Pharmacy for 6 euro.
Yes, 6 euro. It thought it couldn't possibly be good at that price but I got it anyway.
I was so very wrong. The eye shadows are incredibly pigmented and gives the naked 2 palette a run
for its 44 euro price tag. The range of colours are incredibly wearable and you get a whole 12 of them to play with. They also have a straight up dupe for the naked 3 palette for the same price but I preferred
the more bronze shades in this one.  

SO, If you haven't already picked up one of these go do it.
w7 is stocked in cara pharmacy stores and you can also shop online here.
(they also deliver internationally) 


Cara pharmacy have stores across Ireland and they do deliver internationally for
those of you not so close to a local stockist.
If you want to purchase or have a gawk at the naked 2 palette for comparison click here.

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