Saturday, 16 August 2014

DIY | Bedroom Interior - Bedside Table

I am slowly but surely putting my room together after a good few weeks.
I'm far too much of a perfectionist and cant settle on things like pieces of furniture or cushions.
However I came across a few images of these old crates being used for storage in wardrobes 
and as coffee tables. So after searching all over the internet for them I spotted them walking by a florist.
Another good place to get them would be vegetable and wine merchants as most of their goods get delivered in boxes like there. Mine cost 15 euro.
So I gave it a quick painting and filled it with some old bottles I have been holding on to for months waiting to use them somewhere. (I also stole a few flowers from mams garden ssssh)
and there you have it a really cheap and cute bedside table! 

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magazine rack//local gift shop
bed cover//primark
cushions // (l-r) Marrakesh, Primark, Primark, Dunnes Stores

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  1. This is just so cute and chic, i love it! x

  2. This is so cute & very clever xx


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