Sunday, 31 August 2014

Haul and Review | Nyx Cosmetics

So I have recently become obsessed about getting my hands on some Nyx cosmetics.
Now its not like they are impossible to buy as you can get them online but I have never used
them before and wanted to have a good sniff an poke before I committed to buying. as you do.
Nyx Cosmetics came to Ireland a few months ago but strangely enough only were stocked in random
pharmacy's across Ireland. No Boots, no superdrug. So began a mad scavenger hunt for the famous butter glosses and jumbo eye pencils. To my luck I live within driving distance to Care pharmacy in Salthill Galway to wear the stuff is stashed. Obviously the don't have the full entire range and can be just tad pricier than what you would pay in america but I was happy and pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products.

First up I had to pick up some butter gloss. This stuff did not disappoint. The colours are beautiful and smell like dessert. I picked up the colours Creme Brulee and Eclair.
They stay on for ages (even after eating) and are not too sticky.
Definitely a must buy if you are getting anything.  


[creme brulee]

Next I opted for one of their classic lipsticks. I was so surprised the pigmentation and moisturising properties of it as I thought it was going to be a hard lump of stick like a lot of cheap drugstore lipsticks. It literally glides on and this colour is beautiful! It's called lala and is a pinky, purple, berry colour. peeerfect for winter. I cant't waaaaaait to wear it.

Finally I picked up 2 pencils. A jumbo lip and eye. 
Lets just talk about the lip pencil for a second. I didn't try this in the shop I just liked the colour and went for it. I could not believe the amazingness of this when I tired it at home. It is the most moisturising pigmanted lip product I have ever ever used. I definitely recommend. It comes in a wide rage of colours but I chose maroon which as you can see comes out as a slightly more blood red shade. Its amazing just buy it.

and lastly the jumbo eye pencil. I got mine in the shade yogurt and it is jut perfect. 
It goes on so smoothly and has amazing colour payoff. It has a nice creamy texture so is easily
blendable to use with my mac eye shadows. I cant wait.

Overall I was quite surprised by the quality of NYX.
NOW I know what all the fuss is about.
If you don't' have a stockist near you don't be afraid
to buy online on their uk website. It is well worth the chance.
At the moment if you spend over 35 pounds you get free shipping 
and students and make up prefessionals get 15% and 25% off. YAY!

Hope you enjoyed,
Talk Soon,

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  1. Great post,dear! :)

  2. Love the look of those Butter Gloss. I love lip glosses and balms that have a great smell! Your product photography was very nice too!

  3. The shades of these products are so nice and perfect for autumn. Great post and keep up the good work.



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