Saturday, 3 September 2011

Button Factory.

Yes, I am alive. Ok so it has been far to long since I've posted, but life really does get in the way sometimes. To fill you all in, I passed all my exams, I got into college and I'm moving out next week. eeeek. I'm going to be studying art and design for the year. Words cannot explain how excited I am.

However, that is no excuse for leaving my poor little blog idle for so long. Honestly when I did have free time I just couldn't write and I don't want to post any old rubbish. I want to like what I put up because if I don't, how can I expect anyone else to like it. I think I've found my blogging mojo again though and can't wait to get going.

Now on to more exciting things, It's Autumn! ( and yes I know it has technically been autumn for like a month already but it doesn't start until September for me). Autumn/Winter fashion is my favourite and I have to peel myself away from the computer to stop me from buying everything in the ''new in'' section of online stores. Help!

I did pick up one or two things the last day though from Primark (my complete weakness). Whenever I go there though there is always so many things I like but there's normally something wrong like the hem is too long or the buttons are ugly. These however, can be changed. 

Got this dress and cardigan and thought wow those are ugly buttons. So I decided to replace them with nicer ones.

And wallah, Nicer clothing. It really doesn't take much to change the whole look of an item so remember that when you're out shopping. :)

I really hope you guys are doing amazing and if you have any posts where you have done a bit of a diy job with clothes link them below and I will be more than happy to read them.
Have a great weekend.

L xo

Its my best friends birthday tomorrow so I got her a little something.sssh don't tell. 


  1. Love the knitted cardigan! Perfect for the winter

  2. OH I love the details in these items.. I lik ehow your DIY turned out :) And I'm in love with your skirt from your previous post.

  3. Every garment is great. I like this blog. Come and check out mine.

  4. nice pics , you have a lovely blog!
    loads of kisses!!!

  5. what a nice blog with beautiful pictures :) i love your outfits!

    love, lola

  6. love the white cardigan!


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