Saturday, 9 June 2012

D.I.Y Distressed Guns and Roses Tee...


Remember me? 
I am officially the WORST blogger ever. I actually did not even realise that I haven't written a post since SEPTEMBER! oops.
For the record though college was mental busy and I actually had to start another blog for just college work which I will link  here 
However, I much prefer this blog and I am actually going to really try this time to put effort into doing it.

SO... I'm gonna start off with a small post.

Went into Primark yesterday and found this mens Guns and Roses t shirt.
I've been looking for a distressed one of these for a while so I decided to take it upon myself to 'distress' it.
Also, I have this new addiction to red lipstick and took a trip to Mac and got myself Russian Red.
BEST lipstick ever. It does not budge. A tad pricey for a lipstick but deffo is worth the money.

styled the t shirt with distressed Vintage Levis cut offs.

Mac's Russian red

Tshirt: Primark
Levi Cut Offs: Shutterbug
Bracelet: River Island 
Glasses: I found them but I think there from Primark
Headband: Just a ribbon 

L xo


  1. Love the way you wore the red. Good job!

    Follow each other?

  2. Wow the lipstick is gorgeous! Want it! You look great!

  3. Your red lipstick looks amazing on you! Love the distressed DIY tee.

  4. I love everything about this look. Following you now, so keep posting! :)

    amen fashion xo.

  5. The tee looks cooler now without the sleeves and you look badass in it also with the red lipstick :)

    1. Haha thank you. You have a great blog too!

  6. I seriously love this look so much! you look super hot! Love the Tee and the red lip!


  7. this look suits you well. x

  8. Guns is my life! LOVE THE OUTFIT!

    xoxo pretty

  9. Eeeekk I LOVE THE SHIRT with the mac lipstick so cool!


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