Sunday, 28 April 2013

Insta April

I thought I would do an instagram post as I haven't done one in
ages! I have had the longest month ever. I'm so busy with college
and to be honest it's been quite stressful and I just haven't had 
the time to sit down and do any kind of a post.
I'm also getting a little bored of my blog lately 
and have felt a little uninspired so when I finish college (in two weeks)
I will hopefully be giving my blog a little makeover as I already have
lots of ideas for new types of posts. 
So, until then I hope you can stick around 
until I can organise my life and get back into
a blogging routine. 


 Cookies // inspiration//
sewing // toile making // 
brekkie // pattern adjusting // 
balcony shoes // sweeties // 
sneaky dessert // share a coke // 
the start of a skirt // pre workout brekkie //
finished skirt // healthy snack //
Pants pattern // Dinner //


  1. All these food look delicious!! :-)
    And I love the white top! :-)
    You have a really nice blog, I have a blog too! :-) If you want to have a look at it, it would be great!

  2. lovely photos!
    Emma xx

  3. Beautiful Blog! Love your header!
    Check out my blog?

  4. Love the photos xx

    Visit my fashion blog @

  5. I love this! I do a lot of social media focused posts and I have a little obsession with instagram at the moment so no surprise that I love this post I guess. Some lovely photos there and a brilliant blog, so glad I stumbled upon it :)


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