Monday, 26 November 2012


I think It's safe to say it is officially winter. It is getting so so so cold!
Also I bought a new coat. (eeep) I love it, not because it's black (mainly because it's black) but it's
the same style as the leather paneled  Zara coat that sold out almost immediately and was
so far out of my student budget that I couldn't justify choosing it over food for probably a month.

So, for the past hour instead of doing college work I decided to do a blog post and got
a little carried away with Photoshop. (Lisa found the flip button) 
Thought I would mess around a bit seeing as the lighting was RUBBISH. The only thing I dislike
about winter is how early it gets dark and I cant take blog photos. ( Such 21st century problems)

Hope you are having a great Monday,

L xo 

Coat: Primark
Top: Primark
Pants: AA
Boots: SoYouShoes


  1. Ahhhh love the coat! xx

  2. I would never have guessed that coat is from Primark. I love an all black outfit personally. I feel your crappy winter lighting pain, I'm finding it so hard to get outfits pictures at the moment!

  3. those disco pants look great on, and like how you have paired them with socks.

    tnx so much for visiting my spot, really hope to stay in touch! =)

  4. feel you about picture taking. it gets dark so early!

    amen fashion, xo

  5. I absolutely adore this black on black outfit.. but I still can not believe this coat is from priamrk??? :O


  6. Fantastic coat! I also love the Zara version but I'm still on the fence about it. And I agree with this very tragic 21st century problem! ;)


  7. LOve the coat! xo

  8. Lovely item and photos! Your blog is so refreshing, I like it very much! Can we follow each other? Let me know, and please check out my new post and tel me what you think :)

  9. lovely coat, very stylish!x

  10. Love the outfit! Looks so nice. I also love finding alternatives that I can afford!!

  11. This is my favourite outfit of yours.
    Gorgeous from head to toe! *-*


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