Sunday, 18 January 2015

Review | Sleek MakeUP i-Divine palette


I finally managed to get my hands on a sleek palette.
This brand has been around for a while and has had amazing reviews.
So when boots finally got them in stock I picked up the i-Divine palette in Au Natural. 
Priced just under 10 euro it is definitely worth the money.
The colours are incredibly pigmanted and this palette has everyday and night shades.
The only thing I found was that they were slightly less blendable then say a MAC shadow but 
with a bit of practice I don't see this as being too much of a problem. 

I swatched a few of the shades on my arm to show the pigmentation and did my own
eyeshadow using the palette. 

PS. I am absolutely not a make up artist and I normally throw on my make up any old way.
I'm sure in more capable hands this palette could be put to incredible use but I am just a normal
person and this is how I do my eyes everyday. 

SO, I definitely think this is worth the money and sleek have a great reputation 
so is a brand that wont really disappoint.
If you feel like getting your own you can do so by clicking here 
These palettes come in so many different colour combos so have a look at the othesr too!




  1. Ooohh, so pretty! The colours in this palette are gorgeous x

  2. Author such a nice post, I like these Photos thanks for share.


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