Sunday, 26 October 2014

OOTD | Vintage Mohair


I have had this cardigan for absolutely AGES. I
got it in shutterbug vintage a long time ago and just kinda forgot about it.
(Check out their facebook page here, they are my favourite vintage shop)
I have moved house a lot over the past year and I have misplaced and forgotten 
about a lot of my clothes. However as winter is slowly creeping in I'm finding myself 
pulling out all the cosy fluffy knits buried in my closet. 
Yes I am wearing my Topshop Jamie jeans again, they are just so comfy
I never want to wear any other pants again in my life.
I may however invest in a pair without rips as ones knees are getting quite chilly.
Happy Sunday. 
(I watched Hocus Pocus today, aahhh my favourite)


cardigan // Shutterbug 
jumper // primark
Hat // Primark
jeans // topshop 
boots // topshop 


  1. So cute! I love the hat! I wish my school allowed us to wear hats because I would totally try to style one like you! Just discovered your blog and I love it! Keep up the good work!

    Juliana Grace |

    1. aww thanks juliana! Well you could deffo wear one at the weekend so go for it!
      Lisa x

  2. So dang cool girl, you look amazing! Just so so gorgeous x

  3. Assam post, i am inspired to see this beautiful post, I can’t never see this blog, today first time I am see this site, I think fabulous, thanks


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