Sunday, 6 April 2014

Canal Sequin

I love this blazer. I got it in a small vintage fair in Dublin a few months ago
and wear it all the time. The evenings are getting so much longer which gives me
more time in to get some photos taken. Yay! 
I've actually just moved to Dublin for a few months to do an internship
so expect to see this canal a good bit. 
I'm debating whether or not to do another internship post as I did one
last summer. I am however doing it in a different area so that could be interesting.
If you haven't seen last years one you can view it here


Blazer // Vintage
Top // Primark
Pants // Primark
Belt // Primark
Shoes // New Look 

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  1. Love the outfit :D I'd love to see another internship post, loved the last one! :) x


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