Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Irish Fashion Innovation Awards and OOTN

As I said in my last post ,On Thursday I attended the fashion Innovation awards.
I gave a sneak peak of my outfit in the last post. I'm not gonna lie but it was nearly impossible
to get a nice photo while I was there. The lighting was horribly yellow and make me look ill.
However, I took a few but they aren't the best. 
The night itself was good and the winner for student designer of the year was a student from
the college I go to , Micheal Stewart. His dress Was gorgeous.

The Finale this year was a designer called Delphine Grandjouan from the House of Delphine.
Her wedding gowns were amazing and is definitely worth a look.

Hope you all have a great weekend/ Easter,
Talk soon,



Skirt // Boohoo
Jumper // Zara
Shoes // Next 


  1. hey, your outfit is beautiful. love how you paired them <3

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