Sunday, 30 December 2012

Next year I promise...


I decided to round up what my favourite outfits were for the year.
Looking at all the pictures I've noticed a few things,
I have a very muted colour palette, I have a repetitive pose
and you cant see my face. ever really.

SO, next year I promise,

1. To blog more
2. To wear more colour (no promise here actually but i'll try)
3. To possibly look at the camera sometimes?
4. To completely organise my life ( I got messy and lazy this year)

Anyone made any resolutions?
 I never actually make them but this year I thought why not.
Hope you guys have a great new years and I guess I will see you next year?



  1. Gorgeous outfits! Happy new year

  2. I really love your style, do you get any inspiration from anywhere? and which are your fave shops!?

    1. I don't really get any inspiration from any specific places Millie. I guess just reading other peoples blogs. I love Zara and topshop, as well as primark and urban outfitters. :) x

  3. So simple yet so nice!

    If you have time take a look at my blog as well. :)



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