Friday, 14 September 2012

Back To College..


So I have just finished the first week back at college and I am exhausted!
It has been a crazy busy week with endless new projects being handed to me I haven't 
had time for ANYTHING. My poor blog is so neglected.
For any of you who don't know I'm Studying Fashion Design In college, So
I am busy 24/7. I love it though.

However Next week I am gonna make sure I take a few photos
of my outfits and possibly some DIY posts. ( will add to my to do list)

I took the quickest photo going out the door this morning.
I was up awful early so apologies for my sleepy appearance.
ok I need to actually go and do some work. uuuugh.
Talk soon.


Jumper: H & M
Dress: River Island
Belt: Primark
Shoes: Topshop



  1. Nice look - the belt is a good touch :) xA

  2. I'd love if you visited my blog at
    Let me know, if you would like to follow each other on Blogger

  3. You are doing the best here, congrats!

  4. Totally love this look, it's so inspiring!
    Would you maybe like to follow eachother?
    Love, Anne


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