Wednesday, 4 July 2012

New in: Zara

As a lot of people probably already know, the most anticipated summer sale went live
online last week.
Myself along with thousands of other girls have probably never shopped so fast in our lives.
My Zara shopping bag was FULL. 

However, by being slightly indecisive about what I wanted to buy everything in 
my bag was sold out in just a couple of minutes.
women shoppers are crazy!

Even though I didn't get everything I wanted I did manage to get this bag
which I have kind of fallen in love with.
I have now a fully pledged addiction to Zara Bags.

L xo


  1. Great bag. Zara has lovely staple piece.s


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  2. this is a very cute combination, and great photos. keep on with good work :)

  3. That was so adorable bag!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  4. Joli sac! J'aime bien! biz;

    Angela Donava

  5. Yay I love this bag! I have it in beige and love it! X

  6. ah the bag of the moment! good find :)

  7. Amazing!! Hope you visit my blog!

  8. beautiful! i love this x

  9. this bag is beauuutiful! it looks like such good quality. x

  10. Really beautiful bag! I purhased purble/red basic sandals from Zara sales. :)

    I wish you an amazing day and all the best in your life! :)

    xx Heidi

  11. I love basic Zara bags, they're absolutely gorgeous!
    So lucky to have grabbed this bag in the nick of time! (:


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